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Bowman 2

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"Bowman 2" game is a fascinating shooter in which you have to fight in a bow duel with your opponent. In this game you have to learn how to shoot a bow and after you will have a chance to play against computer or a person, as well as to hunt birds. With each shot you need to take into consideration the strength and direction of wind - very simple, but very addictive online game. Everything matters while shooting - distance, wind speed, the angle of the bow. So you act as an ordinary archer. Sharp shooter is on a hunt. Two archers, you and your opponent, are located on opposite sides of the game board and shoot at each other in turn. Everything starts with test shooting, to help you ubnderstand distance, wind speed, the angle of the bow and the level of the string tension. Shoot accurately and strongly. Stay ahead in these components, or you might greatly regret. In order to shoot a bow, you have to press and hold the left mouse button to choose the angle and power of the shot, then release the button and enjoy the arrow flight. Don’t forget to look after arrow's flight angle-if you remember it correctly then you can just finish it. Use our clue to have and advantage over your opponent. It is important to notice: any player does not necessarily get killed after the arrow shot. So don`t lose winning hope if you get struck. Thus, we can say, the most important feature is the ability to play together, which makes it even more exciting. You and your friend will have to fight for the best archer title. Firing is carried out in turn. The damage depends on the hit place. A direct headshot almost kills the enemy, and it continues until there is only one winner, the game has no other availabilities. The graphics is very simple. Main special effects include blood drops that appear after hits. Besides, it has no musical accompaniment and is sound linear, represented only by the sounds of a flying arrow and target hits. Yet it can be surely called great. Simple graphics and the multiplayer option make Bow Man 2 universal and interesting to a wide range of people worldwide. Play the most popular game for free on our website, we wish good luck.